Have you seen the latest social media challenge: the Dolly Parton Challenge? Dolly Parton cleverly showcased 4 images, representing the ideal profile picture across various forms of social media. She carefully selected an ideal profile picture for Linked In, Facebook, Instagram and Tinder, captioned “Get you a woman who can do it all. This quickly went viral as celebrities and influencers alike poked fun at themselves and how we tailor or social media images based on the audience.

We decided to participate as well, showcasing our most popular child-resistant packaging solutions for dried flower. We selected:

  • closed packaging showcasing no dried bud for Linked In
  • a social grouping for Facebook
  • an over-filtered glamour shot for Instagram
  • and a focus on dried flower for Tinder, where the packaging is almost an afterthought

Although joining in on this Social Media Challenge was meant for fun, it made us reflect on our vast catalogue of packaging solutions, and the many marketable approaches that can be adapted from a traditional child-resistant jar and cap combination:

  • Custom colours for a visual tie to branding
  • Custom forms: straight sided, rounded bottom, domed lids, smooth-sided lids
  • Recyclable Materials: plastic, tin, or glass
  • Recycled materials: made of 100% post consumer resin, made of 100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastics
  • Entirely custom, proprietary solutions

When selecting your packaging supplier for your next project, consider using one who can do it all… stock solutions, custom materials, custom colours, or entirely custom designs.

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