Cannabis Oil Selection Guide

When it comes to packaging cannabis oil and extracts, there are countless packaging configurations available to choose from.

Our team of product experts at CannaSupplies can help guide you through this process to ensure you are selecting products that are the best fit for your product assortment, considering:

  • Compliance within the Canadian market per the Cannabis regulations
  • Filling and closures based on your bottling line, automated equipment, and other operational considerations
  • Recommended sizes based on required fill
  • Dosing accessories
  • Secondary retail packaging

Getting Started:

Begin the process by selecting the main vessel, selecting from:

  • Material: Glass or PET Plastic
  • Capacity: 1 oz, 1.5 oz, 2 oz
  • Colour: choose from our readily available stock colours, or use a custom colour

Choose a Closure

Select a closure:

  • Compatible child-resistant closure; select from foam or induction liners
  • Child-resistant dropper closure with graduated pipette

Add a dosing accessory

Adding a dosing accessory or secondary method for dosing is a way to improve the customer experience with your product.

Consider including:

  • A graduated dropper
  • A graduated oral liquid dispenser
  • An orifice reducer

Select a Retail Package

There are many advantages to packaging cannabis oil in a retail package, including:

  • Secure packaging can help minimize product movement, keeping product upright
  • Opportunity to include an additional dosing accessory
  • Extend the limited brand presence with an additional surface area to showcase brand element
  • Maximize brand impact by colourizing both exterior and interior surfaces

Cannabis extract packaging provides multiple opportunities to create a positive and unique customer experience with your cannabis product. Contact our team at Cannasupplies for more unique packaging and product selection ideas.

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