Cannasupplies Child Resistant Packaging made from Recyclable Materials

As Earth Day approaches, the global conversation on reducing plastic waste is top of mind.

However, at Cannasupplies, plastic waste is a daily discussion: within our team, with our customers, as well as feedback from end consumers.

Cannasupplies offers solutions that are first and foremost regulatory compliant for the Canadian Cannabis Industry, and where possible produced of sustainable conscience materials. Sustainably conscience materials are subject to interpretation depending on the market, form factor, and intended use.

At Cannasupplies our focus is on:

  1. Universally recyclable packagesthis is readily available across most of our packaging catalogue.

  2. Packaging made of recycled materials – many of our core stock solutions can be made from 100% recycled plastics or reclaimed ocean-bound plastics

  3. Bio-based input materialsincluding rice, wheat, sugarcane and hemp are all in development

  4. Biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions  select designs are in development

When we showcase sustainable conscious materials, we are suggesting solutions that are readily available, and compliant for use in the Canadian Cannabis industry today, such include:

Glass jars with compatible closures

*the caveat to this is the mandate for opaque/translucent packaging will require glass to be painted


*previously this was an issue as immediate packaging was not allowed to be metallic, the regulations have since been amended to allow naturally occurring metallic colours on external surface of a container

Recycled Plastics

This can be produced from plastics collected from regular municipal recycling programs: plastic materials are gathered and sent through a proprietary process to produce plastic resin pellets. These pellets are then reused in the manufacturing process. Many of our stock solutions can be produced in 100% recycled materials

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