Cannasupplies all-paper CR box, now available


  • Cannasupplies’ all-paper child-resistant package design
  • Biodegradable, recyclable and made with post-consumer waste
  • Ideal for packaging prerolls, vape, edibles, and more
  • Available in 4 certified child-resistant designs
  • Made-to-order designs

Focus on Sustainability

The team at Cannasupplies is thrilled to introduce our brand new all-paper child-resistant box. Our innovations team has been focused on bringing sustainable packaging solutions to the Canadian cannabis market, and we are excited that we can offer this format. This design is biodegradable, recyclable, and made with post-consumer waste.

All Paper Solution

This all-paper solution is made of white coated, or uncoated kraft corrugate. The inner sleeve has two folding tabs forming the CR mechanism. It is available in 4 sizes.

Custom Printing

The CR box can be:

  • completely plain, optimal for a full label, manually or mechanically applied;
  • single flood coated printed – to help highlight branding
  • fully-printed, including all 8 required Health Canada warnings

Product Inserts

Protect your premium cannabis product with an insert. We have a selection of stock inserts including fluted paper, or made of recycled plastic designed to fit this box. Our internal design team can help create a custom solution for your unique cannabis product

Product Format

This all-paper solution is ideal for:

  • Preroll multi-packs – the entire package can be shrink-wrapped if deemed necessary for scent and freshness
  • Vape components – secure glass components with a thermoform plastic insert
  • Edibles – paper or plastic compartments can  be made to help secure your product
  • Other cannabis derivatives and custom products

Contact our customer service team for pricing, lead time, and customization opportunities.

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