Cannasupplies Compliant Packaging Solutions

Cannasupplies is a proud leading distributor of compliant child-resistant packaging within the Canadian Cannabis market. Cannasupplies has been involved in the Canadian Cannabis Industry since 2014. Our involvement has been in various capacities including:

  • medical vaporizer distribution to hospitals and pharmacies
  • compliant dosing accessories for accurate patient dosage at home
  • and suitable facility supplies for growing, production, storage, and protection apparel.

Among our vast range of offerings, however, Cannasupplies is best known for our range of complaint child resistant packaging.

Our 40+ years expertise in distribution has perfectly positioned us to service the Canadian Cannabis market. Our team excels in: product knowledge, demand planning, and distribution services coast to coast.

Cannasupplies has become a leading packaging supplier in the Canadian cannabis industry with a proven history of quality products, regulatory compliant packaging offerings, and above all excellent customer service.

In this industry that is continually growing, adapting, and changing, Cannasupplies is proud to offer a constant: reliable products and service. Cannasupplies is your trusted resource for cannabis packaging and supplies.

Contact our customer service team to learn more about our compliant packaging offerings, in-stock solutions, or how we can create a customized packaging program for you.