Sliding Tin

Cannasupplies’ made-to-order child-resistant sliding tins are an ideal primary packaging solution for a variety of cannabis products!

Originally launched for prerolls in 2019, the dual-push button tin has quickly become popular across multiple cateogories of cannabis derivitive products, including: vape cartridges, vape pens/batteries/kits, gummies and chocolates.

The sleek, pocket-friendly tin design offers a premium, user-friendly aesthetic, designed for use on-the-go for both daily use and special occasions. The dual-push button child-resistant functionality is fully certified to meet current child-resistant standards.

Made-to-order, this design is fully-customizable: the size can be made to fit unique minimum labelling requirements, or product fill requirements, the tin can be decorated in any custom colour, and the plastic buttons can be made in any custom colourant.

Available in a variety of stock and custom-designed inserts, made from a variety of materials including tin, recycled plastic and paper.

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