Contamination Control

Are you ready for a Health Canada Inspection?

Cannasupplies is proud to offer a vast range of facility supplies to help achieve and maintain your quality standards.

One of our key categories is contamination control products, ideal for grow, production and packaging rooms. Our product range helps achieve and maintain the standards defined by:

  • The Cannabis Act
  • GPPs, GMPs, and SOPs

Our contamination control product catalogue has been designed to respond to the main contamination concerns in a grow room, including:

  • Cross contamination including: allergens, microorganisms, and general threat of bacterial pathogens
  • Failure to conduct effective cleaning and sanitizing equipment
  • Glove sanitizing and hand-washing failures

The Clean Room Standard

Implementing SOPs based on cGMP protocols that address proper sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization procedures are effective and essential to a healthy and productive growing environment, minimizing the risks of contamination, mold, spores, fungi, pests, viruses and bacteria.

PharmaSystems’ extensive history providing infection control and prevention products to pharmacies and hospitals nationwide has provided us with the tools and resources to suggest a product assortment to meet and achieve cleanroom standards, such as:

  • Dry Non-woven and Pre-saturated Wipes, recommended for grow rooms, edibles processing, research, testing and industrial use
  • Mop Systems 360 degree isolator cleaning handles with flat mop head, and dedicated covers
  • Surface Cleaning and Sampler Swabs cleanroom laundered, double layer, 100% polyester knit

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