Call for Designers: We are Looking for the Next Best Child-Resistant Solution for the Canadian Cannabis Market.

Overview: Cannasupplies is the leading supplier of child-resistant packaging solutions within the Canadian Cannabis market. Our mission is to create quality, certified child-resistant products that reflect current industry trends, balancing form and function to satisfy both the Canadian Cannabis regulatory requirements, as well as the consumer demands. We are currently partnering with over 60 Canadian licensed producers of cannabis, providing a range of child-resistant packaging, retail packaging, and facility supplies. Cannasupplies is a division of PharmaSystems Inc., a leading supplier of pharmacy and hospital supplies nationwide since 1977.

Design Differently Competition Brief: Cannasupplies has an open call for designers to create unique forms of child-resistant packaging for at least one of the following categories of cannabis: dried flower, cannabis extracts and concentrates, pre-rolled dried flower, cannabis topicals, and vape cartridges and accessories. With equal emphasis on unique form and function, the design should be aesthetically appealing and marketable within the Canadian Cannabis industry, and have a unique opening function with the goal of undergoing child-resistancy testing. Read more about this requirement here.

The Contest: The judging panel comprised of 3 market experts will review the contest entries and award a cash prize of $2,500 to the overall contest winner who’s design best encompasses the four judging categories. Honourable mentions will be made in all 4 categories: innovation in function, innovation in form, manufacturability and marketability. Of the awarded designs, if any are further actioned into production, the designer will receive a royalty of 1% based on all items sold.

Entry Requirements: The Contest opens for entries on May 10th  2019 and closes on August 31st 2019. Entries must be received by 11:59pm EST on August 31st 2019. For your entry to qualify, you must complete the following requirements:

1 – Complete the Official Entry Form

2 – Choose at least one of the following categories for your Entry:

  • Dried flower packaging
  • Cannabis oil, extracts and concentrates
  • Pre-rolled dried flower
  • Vape cartridge and/or accessories
  • Cannabis topicals

3 – Provide a description of your entry (250 – 750 words) in the form of a technical abstract in English, your description should include: how the packaging works, what the proposed child-resistant function is, what makes it innovative, the size, and suggested material; Entries will be judged on these criteria:

  • Innovation in Function (25%): what is the proposed child-resistant function of the design
  • Innovation in Form (25%): what makes the design unique
  • Manufacturability (25%): describing proposed materials and manufacturing process
  • Marketability (25%): What are the practical applications for the packaging based on the 5 packaging categories described above

4 – Images – Include at least one (but not more than 5) visual illustrations. File type options: PDF, JPEG and PNG. The visual illustration(s) should support your entry description and can be drawings, photos or CAD images.

Submit the entry form and images via email to:

Restrictions: Entrants must be 18 years of age or older. Limit of 3 entries per participant. Participants must be Canadian, or currently enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary institution. By submitting an entry, entrants warrant that to the best of their knowledge: the entry is an original idea, they are the authorized owner of the design, and that the design does not infringe upon the intellectual rights or property of any third party. The entrant (or entrant’s company) retains ownership of the design ideas submitted for the contest, unless selected for design production, where Cannasupplies becomes the sole manufacturer, and the entrant will be awarded a royalty of 1% of all custom manufactured packaging sold under the submitted design. For additional questions and details, please contact


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