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PKG. Custom Industrial Design and Manufacturing.

Redefining Child-Resistant Packaging form & function  ·  Powered by Cannasupplies

PKG is committed to producing quality, certified child-resistant solutions for the Canadian Cannabis market and beyond.

Our team of industrial designers excel in child-resistant design, best practices in the Canadian Cannabis market, as well as manufacturing with a large portfolio of materials.

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Award-Winning Design & Innovation

PKG excels in child-resistant package design and manufacturing, as well as best practices in the Canadian cannabis market.

A green glass jar with a leaning side and custom beveled child-resistant lid was considered revolutionary upon launch in the Canadian Cannabis market. The thoughtful design and truly unique form and function really turned heads, and drove the conversation about what compliant child-resistant packaging can look like.

The Lean Jar, a custom proprietary child-resistant package by PKG.

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