Crativ Packaging aCase with a variety of insert options, available through Cannasupplies

The CRATIV packaging series offers a pocket-friendly, sleek, and extremely versatile certified child-resistant solution for cannabis packaging.

Originally launching in the Canadian cannabis market to package preroll multipacks, the packaging portfolio has expanded to include: vape cartridges, vape starter kits, cannabis seeds, concentrated extracts, edibles and more.

Utilizing varying stock or custom inserts allows for streamlining solutions within the same packaging footprint: meaning efficiencies in labelling, fulfillment and more.

The series includes 2 sizes: “original” and “slim”. Both are ideal for prerolls, vape, edibles and more. With endless internal design capabilities, this is truly a versatile packaging solution for the Canadian cannabis market.

Cannasupplies is a proud, preferred, Canadian distributor for the CRATIV family of products.

Reduced Pricing on CRATIV products, available as of September 2022:

Take advantage of reduced pricing on limited production lots of the CRATIV Original and Slim CR Cases, as we make room in our warehouse for new product innovations from CRATIV packaging.

Complete the form below to learn more about inventory and reduced sales pricing.

Pricing applicable to select surplus production lots only. Available while quantities last.

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