Cannasupplies’ F-Style bottle are produced in a white high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. They feature a handle on top near the opening, which is ideal for carrying and pouring. They have a rectangular body and base, making it space efficient for shipping and shelving. These sturdy designs are common for packaging bulk liquids for the food and healthcare industry.

Available in a variety of sizes.

0.11L (4 oz.) White HDPE Plastic F-Style Bottle, 24mm 24-400 – Part #:CS68WW4F

1.89L (1/2 gallon) White HDPE Plastic F-Style Bottle, 38mm 38-400 – Part #:CS30WWF2

3.78L (1 gallon) Natural HDPE Plastic F-Style Bottle, 38mm 38-400 – Part #:CS68WNFS

4.73L (1.25 gallon) White HDPE Plastic Slant F-Style Bottle, 38mm 38-400 – Part #:CS68W5SW

9.46L (2.5 gallon)  White HDPE Plastic F-Style Bottle, 63mm 63-445, 340 Gram – Part #:CS57WSHL

Ideal for bulk storage and transport of cannabis oil extracts. Contact our customer service team for details on pricing and availability.


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