Requirements for packaging are defined by regulations. 1 brand element, uniform coloured packaging, and the required test and format dictate the aesthetic.

Recyclability depends on municipal requirements, however our stock packaging is made of universally recycled materials: PP, PET, and HDPE.

Certain municipalities can’t recycle black plastic – best to be recycled through in store collection bins

Yes! Bags are specifically made and tested with child-resistant zippers. These are made of a combination of plastic layers, best recycled through in-store collection bins.

Amount dispensed per drop depends on your unique formulation. We have different orifice sizes available, compatible to different formulation viscosities. Always request samples to test out your oil.

A discrete dose drop is formed by the centre of the spout dropper when inverted.

  1. The immediate container of cannabis extracts that are not in discrete units will need to be designed in such a way that the extract could not easily be poured, or drunk directly from the container (thereby mitigating the risk of accidental consumption).
  2. For extracts in liquid form that contain at least 10 mg of THC, the immediate container will need to contain an integrated dispensing mechanism that dispenses no more than 10 mg of THC per activation.