Large format Cannabis Packaging, ideal for Value Brands

Cannasupplies is proud to offer a variety of packaging solutions for large-formats of dried flower. Often positioned as a value brand or value format, large format products are a unique offering in the Canadian cannabis market.

There is opportunity for large-format packaging across a variety of materials including:

Considerations for packaging format include:

Cost and Perceived Cost

A printed child-resistant pouch is a more price-conscious decision on both an operations procurement level as well as consumer-focused.

Operational Efficiencies

Using the same packaging format in varying sizes provides some operational efficiencies. For instance, if packaging on an automated or semi-automated production line, change parts can be utilized to fill varying packaging sizes. If using a plastic jar and cap across your product line, there is also potential to use the same neck size (and therefore cap) across multiple products, using the same labelling equipment, and induction sealer.

Implied Consumer Perception

If branded or intended to be perceived as a value brand, conscious choices should be made on colour, material, and format. If branded to be large format/large unbroken buds across a more premium offering, this can be replicated in the packaging format such as a higher-end material such as glass or tin, in custom colour, or even custom material such as made with recycled resins.


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