Oil Dosing Accessories

1 mL Clear Syringe with PIBA Accessory

1 mL Syringe: Innovative one-piece tip design that uses a flexible wiper, eliminating the need for a rubber wiper and silicone coating Rounded flange and increased gripping space allows for ease of use Graduated with milliliter and teaspoon measurements PIBA: Press-in Bottle Adapter Converts a standard bottle into a dispensing ...

Child-Resistant Dropper Cap

  Dual-function calibrated droppers are also child-resistant bottle closures Available in plastic or glass pipettes Graduated with milliliter and teaspoon measurements Available to suit both Boston Round and Bullet shaped designs Standard colours are white and black. Available in custom colours

Integrated Dosing Cap

Child-resistant closure with integrated dispensing mechanism, ideal for cannabis oil Dropper integrated into a child-resistant cap to create a complete dispensing system Orifice reducer and closure come assembled as one piece: fasten on to bottle during filling production Once the child-resistant closure is removed from the bottle, the ...