• Cannasupplies’ all-paper child-resistant package design
  • Biodegradable, recyclable and made with post-consumer waste
  • Ideal for packaging prerolls, vape, edibles, and more
  • Available in 4 certified child-resistant designs
  • Made-to-order designs

Available in the following Sizes:

Small – 2″ x 0.9532″ x 4″ (Item # CRPBOX-S)

Medium* –  2.6875” x 0.9532″ x 4″ (Item # CRPBOX-M)

  • *shown in images
  • size compatible with Cannasupplies stock inserts: Plastic insert for prerolls, 0.5 mL vape cart, as well as fluted paper inserts: for 3-6 prerolls

Large – 3.5” x 0.9532″ x 4″ (Item # CRPBOX-L)

XLarge – 6.67” x 3.78” x 2.77” (Item # CRPBOX-XL)

Available in 4 sizes, all certified child-resistant. Connect with our customer service team for information on made-to-order solutions, custom print options, and production  lead-times.

Click through the tabs to learn more about customization opportunities:

  1. Select a sustainable base material
  2. Customize printing, or leave blank for application of a compliant label
  3. Include an insert – select from the same base material or add an RPET thermoform insert


  1. White coated stock - Made of 20% recycled materials and 17.5% post-consumer waste
  2. Kraft uncoated stock - Made of 45% recycled materials and 40% post-consumer waste
  1. Plain, unprinted board - Apply a custom label
  2. Unprinted background, with printed Health Canada warnings & THC symbol
  3. Printed single flood colour - outside/inside/inside tray
  4. Fully printed - Can include Health Canada warning messages, THC symbol, your brand element, and any other static packaging information
For a custom print quotation, be sure to specify:
  • The number artwork versions, for instance 1 standard artwork version, or 8 versions (capturing all 8 Health Canada warnings)
  • The number colours required on the outside of the box (if any)
  • The number of colours on the inside tray (if any)
Paper insert
  • Can be plain paper or custom printed
  • Paper inserts can be used to divide prerolls, or form fit vape kit componentry, etc.
  • Variety of stock solutions to select from
Recycled PET plastic Custom design
  • Our internal design team can help create your custom paper or plastic insert to fit your unique cannabis product. Learn more