Capacity: 1 oz
Opening: 20 mm
Child-Resistant Compatible Cap: 20 / 400
Material: Polyethylene
  • Offering Opaque and Translucent Polyethylene Terethalate (PET) and UV protective Glass bottles
  • Ideal for storing and preserving cannabis oils and extracts
  • Most commonly sold in 20 mm, 18 mm neck openings accommodating a range of capping solutions
  • Available in a selection of sizes ranging from 1 oz to 4 oz, suitable for packaging 30 mL to 120 mL
  • All bottles are compliant and compatible with Child Resistant Caps (CRC’s) in an 18/400, 20/400, 22/400 threading or Child Resistant Dropper Cap
  • *Currently Orifice Reducers are only compatible with a 20mm ++ neck opening
  • Stocked in white and black, also available in a wide range of standard colours