• Premium packaging solution for prerolls, vape carts, or vape pens
  • Glass tube with plastic child-resistant closure
  • Glass tube can be decorated in any colour, with matte or frosted finish; plastic closure can be made in any custom colour
  • Can be printed to include 1 colour logo
  • 19mm diameter, 115mm long

Sleek, simple premium packaging offering for:

  • 1 gram preroll
  • 2-3 half gram prerolls
  • Vape cartridge
  • Disposable prefilled vape pen
  • Select formats of edibles


Child-resistant packaging with push and release CR closure, and glass tube offers a premium solution for child-resistant packaging. Contact our customer service team to learn more.

Customize your glass preroll packaging with custom colours, or a 1 colour imprinted logo. Plastic closure can be made in any colour, the glass tube can be decorated in any colour in matte or frosted finish. Contact our customer service team for additional details.

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