GP High Precision Balance


The most versatile high capacity industrial kg balance

    • Double leveraged SHS weighing technology enhances performance accuracy up to 101kg capacity
    • Versatile swing arm & detachable display make it ideal for benchtops & floor settings alike
    • IP65 /NEMA4 compliant makes it resistant to dust and water
Model Capacity (lb) Readability (lb) Pan Size
GP-12K 12 0.1 15” X 13”
GP-20K 21 0.1 15” X 13”


31 0.1 15” X 13”
GP-40K 41 0.5 15” X 13”


61 1 15” X 13”


101 1 15” X 13”

Flexible & Adaptable Design

  • GP Swing arm display is adjustable to fit any benchtop or floor setting within seconds
  • GP-S detachable display adapts to your work-flow and weighing environment that require separate display from platform
  • Capacity load indicator allows one to see how much capacity is in use while also preventing overload error and damage

User Friendly Features

  • One-touch auto calibration ensures simple on-demand calibration at a moment’s touch
  • Automatic Self Calibration smartly calibrates itself if ambient temperature changes are detected
  • Large visible VFD display is easy to see in dark spaces and allows for wide angle views preventing reading errors
  • Smart Range function on select models allows one to weighing regardless of tare value.  Eliminates the need to remove container and reads in right resolution range

Reliable Workhorse

  • Meet all your application demands with Comparator (HI, OK, LOW), Percent, Counting with ACAI, Animal Weighing modes
  • Robust construction and easy to clean stainless steel materials is rated for IP65 dust & water spill protection
  • Rugged double leveraged SHS weighing technology with motor driven internal calibration ensures maximum performance day-in & day-out