• Jars with compatible child-resistant closures are the ideal vessel for packaging and storing dried flower
  • Polyethylene Terethalate (PET), Polypropylene (PP) and Glass are the most commonly utilized for this application, available in opaque or translucent finishes
  • Compatible Child Resistant Caps range from 38mm to 89mm openings, comprised of two-piece construction: Polypropylene outer cap and Co-Poly inner threading with either a pictorial or text based top
  • Stocked in white and black; available in any custom colour

Plastic Child-Resistant Jar Stock Options:

  • Straight-sided jars
  • Rounded bottom
  • Double-walled
  • Flush-aligned jars and caps

Child-Resistant Jars are ideal packaging solutions for:

  • Dried Cannabis with solutions for 1 gram up to 30 grams
  • Cannabis Seeds & Softgels utilizing a double shell design with a shallow platform to properly house the product, while maintaining an outer labeling panel to fit a compliant label
  • Cannabis Edibles such as: gummies, cookies, brownies, mints, teas
  • Cannabis Topicals Double shell designs with smooth interiors are an ideal solution for topical creams and balms

Child Resistant Jar Styles

Estimated Dried Flower Fit Capacity  Closure Size Flush Cap/Jar Alignment Double Walled (Smooth Interior) Straight Walled Design Rounded Bottom Design
1 gram 1 oz 53 mm X X X
3.5 grams 30 dram 53 mm X PET, Glass PET
3.5 grams 2 oz, 63 mm X X X
5 grams 3 oz 63 mm X X X
5 grams 4 oz 70 mm X
7 grams 40 dram 53 mm X X X
7 grams 6 oz 63mm, 70 mm X X
10 grams 60 dram 53 mm X X
10 grams 8 oz 70 mm X X
15 grams 12 oz 89 mm X X
Stock solutions are available in a variety of styles and materials:
  • Straight sided walls - Presents an elongated design, maximizing the labeling panel
  • Rounded Bottom - Select PET jars are available with an exaggerated rounded bottom, available with compatible domed lid
  • Double-Walled - stackable, double walled designs create a smooth interior, idea for topicals
  • Flush Aligned  - providing a sleek profile, flush aligned jars and caps are favoured in the Canadian cannabis market for application of the Excise tax stamp
Child Resistant Jar Styles
Freshness & Liners: Compatible child-resistant closures are available in a variety of liners for freshness and to provide tamper evidence:
  • Freshness foam - remains under the cap
  • Heat induction liner - plain foil liner seals product and provides tamper-evidence, can be combined with the freshness foam under cap
  • Lift N Peel liner - industry standard for heat induction liner, provides tamper evidence and can be combined with the freshness foam under the cap
Closure Styles: Standard child-resistant closures are available with ribbed edges to assist users who struggle with manual dexterity. Includes embossed pictorial graphic to demonstrate opening. Additional styles are available in the 53 mm size:
  • Smooth sided closures, flat top
  • Smooth sided closures, domed lids
53mm Closure Options
PET and PP components can be colourized in any custom colour Child Resistant Jar Styles
Available in up to 100% PCR (Post Consumer Resin)