Product Inspection Equipment


Inspection System Benefits

  • Superior Accuracy – leveraging over 40 years of digital signal processing (DSP) excellence
  • Designed for maximum uptime – modular components allow easy replacement
  • User interface simplicity – designed to provide the best user experience for machine operators
  • Onboard report generation – data at your fingertips
  • Sanitary design – angles steel and sloped surfaces provide optimal cleaning
  • Ease of integration – compact design and connectivity enable minimal retrofits to existing lines

Take quality control to new heights with our full line of product inspection equipment. From checkweighers, metal detectors and X-ray, we offer HACCP compliant solutions that will accelerate efficiency and protect the bottom line.

Our checkweighers are designed with production processing in mind. As retailers continue to implement new quality standards, businesses must adapt in order continue supplying a highly accurate and reliable product. Our system is user friendly, easy to maintain, and simple to integrate into an existing line. This approach allows our end users to quickly realize their return on investment. TaThere's no tradeoff necessary: simplicity and best-in-class precision with the 2,000g Checkweigher. This in motion checkweigher is versatile with dual range capacity and high repeatability.  Perfect for products such as bottled paint samples and applications in food & beverage Features:
  • Capacity: 500g or 2000g | Dual Range
  • Resolution: 0.01g
  • Repeatability: 0.08g +/- | 0.18g +/-
  • Throughput: up to 320 ppm
Consumer safety at the FOREFRONT Designed to detect up to 0.2 millimeters to safeguard against the smallest of contaminants while minimizing the risk of
false rejects. Our modular approach coupled with our stainless steel construction and wash down rating allows users to quickly disassemble the machine for easy maintenance and sanitary cleaning. Standard variable speed belting and our user interface make it simple for customers to program a vast array of products. Our AD-4971 Series Metal Detectors are all IP65 rated (dust and water resistant, IP69K optional), which makes them ideal for the food and beverage industry as well as nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets.  Beyond sensitivity, this series offers stability, a user-friendly interface, high repeatability, and automated monitoring. Features:
  • 7” Touchscreen
  • Variable conveyor belt speeds
  • Quick shipping – 5 standard sizes available
  • Auto setup wizard
X-ray inspection in food packaging and pharmaceutical applications is growing exponentially because of the versatility it provides. The increased dynamic inspection capabilities provide great confidence and increased quality control standards, which allow customers to further differentiate their brand. X-ray benefits include:
  • Increased consumer protection
  • Quality assurance is taken to new levels
  • Brand protection and recall prevention
  • Food safety compliance
  • Customer trust
  • High ROI