• PET child-resistant jars available in a rounded bottom design, provides a unique, sleek profile
  • Double walled design provides a smooth interior
  • Child-resistant packaging suitable for: dried cannabis, cannabis edibles, cannabis topicals

Stock Sizes Available:

  • Stock size available in 40 dram capacity (fits approximately 7 grams of dried flower), fitting a 53mm closure
  • Stocked in black and white, can be customized using any custom colourant

Compatible Closure:

  • 53 mm closures are available in standard ribbed/pictorial graphic, smooth sided closure, or smooth sided domed lid
  • Multiple liner options available to maintain freshness and provide tamper evidence, including: foam liner, pressure-sensitive liner, heat induction liner, or heat-induction Lift N Peel line

Custom Colours:

  • PET jar can be made in any custom colourant