• 50% Rayon / 50% Polyester Nonwoven Cleanroom Wipe
  • Hydroentangled rayon/polyester nonwoven wipe recommended for ISO Class 5 and above environments
  • Offers exceptional absorbency, durability and cleanliness at an economical price point
  • Best-in-class absorbency due to 50% rayon, reducing actual wipe usage in spill removal applications
  • Soft hand and low fiber shedding performance make it a great option in critical cleaning applications where economy is important
  • Pre-wetted Option: The same wipe material can be provided in pre-wetted formats for reduced VOC emissions, increased convenience, increased productivity, improved solvent control and cleaning protocol repeatability and reduced costs.
  • Gamma-Irradiated Option: For aseptic processing areas, the same wipe material can be provided in a gamma irradiated validated sterile to a 10–6 sterility assurance level

ISO Class: Class 5-8

Construction: Nonwoven

Material: Polyester / Rayon Blend

Edge: Knife-Cut