Recycle(d) Solutions by Cannasupplies

Introducing Recycled Solutions by Cannasupplies…

Cannasupplies is committed to providing sustainable and recyclable options for child-resistant packaging to meet the demands of the Canadian Cannabis industry.

Our account executives are experts in finding the best packaging solutions to meet your company’s demands, taking into account: compliant child-resistant functionality, Health Canada approved documentation, pharma and food-grade materials, marketing goals, and operational restrictions. We are proud to say that our catalogue not only consists of universally recyclable materials, but also additional environmentally conscious packaging solutions that do not sacrifice quality or performance.

When exploring an environmentally conscious packaging solution, we first consider what the main packaging goals are.

Cannasupplies Recycle(d) Catalogue includes Greener Child-Resistant Packaging Solutions:

  • Recyclable Packaging

  • Made of 100% Recycled Material

  • Compostable/Degradable Packaging

  • Plant-Based Bioresin Plastics (In Final Development)

  • Overall Reduction in Plastic Used (In Final Development)

Recyclable Packaging

Readily available stock solutions are made of universally recyclable materials including PP, PET, HDPE, Glass, Tin, and Paper. Both vessels and compatible closures are fully recyclable in community recycling streams, and materials can be reused for a variety of commercial applications, including new jars and closures!

Recyclable Packaging
Recyclable Packaging

Recycled Material (PCR)

Most of our stock child-resistant packaging solutions are available in 25% to 100% recycled resins (post-consumer resins/PCR), gathered and sent through a proprietary process to produce plastic resin pellets, giving a second life to plastic, and keeping it out of our landfills.

Child-Resistant Packaging made from Post Consumer Resins (PCR)
Child-Resistant Packaging made from Post Consumer Resins (PCR)

Degradable Packaging

Our degradable packaging line is composed of a bio-resin additive that starts to breakdown after 2 years from the date of manufacture, and in 9 years completely degrades. Currently available in 4 unique formats, readily available in black and white.

Degradable Child-Resistant Packaging Solutions
Degradable Child-Resistant Packaging Solutions

Plant-Based Bioresin Plastic

Jars and compatible child-resistant closures made with hemp, rice, wheat, and sugarcane resins are all currently in final product testing phases. These proprietary blends are injection molded with PP, with 20% to 33% sustainable materials, made to look and perform just like conventional plastics used in the market now.

Plant-Based Bio-Resins
Plant-Based Bio-Resins

Reduction in Plastic Use

Our engineering partners are actively working to reduce the weight of many of our stock child-resistant jars, without sacrificing quality or performance. Choosing to work with lighter-weight containers is a greener approach to packaging, taking into consideration overall transportation.

Which Solution is Best for your Business?

Contact us to discuss opportunities to make your cannabis packaging greener, in ways that will support or elevate your brand, and function within your current operational infrastructure.

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