Photo by SpiritLeaf Cannabis: Functional and Innovative Ways to Reuse your Cannabis packaging

Thank you to Spiritleaf for featuring our packaging in innovative ways to promote reuse. So wonderful to see all of the creative ways our packaging has been reused around the home, spearheaded by the #ReusedIt tag on social media.

Strict regulatory requirements dictate the majority of form, functions, and materials of Cannabis packaging in the Canadian market today. Child-resistant packaging can be used for storing medications, vitamins, homemade edibles, or any other small items.

Here are some creative examples of reusing packaging around the home. All photos are by SpiritLeaf Cannabis:

Our custom colour solutions pictured here are made of universally recyclable materials such as PET and PP. Thank you for bringing awareness to the importance of recycling and upcycling, giving a second life to cannabis packaging, and ensuring it stays out of landfills.

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