Cannasupplies Sleek 63mm CR Closure now available

Cannasupplies’ brand new sleek sided 63mm child-resistant closures.

Cannasupplies’ brand new child-resistant closures will be available starting July 2020.

The smooth-sided finish is ideal to provide a sleek, premium aesthetic to elevate your packaging appearance. Certified child-resistant, ideal for dried flower packaging, edibles, and infused topicals. Available with a variety of heat-induction liners for product freshness and to provide tamper-evidence.

Compatible to double walled 63mm jar series

Stocked in white, or can be made-to-order in any custom brand colour. This PP closure is certified child-resistant and compatible with any of our 63mm neck child-resistant double-walled jars, available in 2oz and 3oz capacities. Request a sample, or contact us to learn more.


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