Cannasupplies Child Resistant Topical Lotion Pump

Cannasupplies offers a variety of child-resistant packaging solutions for infused topical creams

The Canadian Cannabis market has seen a recent surge of new topical THC and CBD products. Cannasupplies is proud to offer in-stock solutions as well as made-to-order custom product offerings.

Stock Solutions

Many of Cannasupplies’ in-stock jars and compatible CR closures create an ideal solution for cannabis infused topical packaging. Our double-walled designs create a smooth interior, so your topical does not get trapped beneath the lip. Typically in-stock in both white and black, or can be custom made to order in any custom colour.

Made-to-Order Solutions

Cannasupplies’ offers of a variety of custom-made solutions for cannabis topicals, contact us to learn more:

Custom solutions are recommended based on a variety of considerations including:

  • Timelines for custom production, this might range from 8-20 weeks depending on the format, production method, and production location
  • Minimum order quantity – general recommendation is 50,000 – 100,000 units for custom production
  • Topical format – creams, balms, lotions and serums each might dictate a different packaging solutions
  • Material – options available in Plastic (PP, PET, HDPE), and glass for jars, tubes, roller balls, pumps, sprays, pouches, etc. Please advise on preferences for compatibility based on your unique product formulation


Cannasupplies Child Resistant Topical Lotion Pump
Cannasupplies Child Resistant Topical Lotion Pump

Custom Product Spot-Light: Child-Resistant Pump

Sleek, high-end child-resistant packaging for cannabis infused topicals. Ideal for topical lotions and creams. Available in 30 mL and 60 mL formats. Made to order in any custom colour. Standard base and cap, with options for: roll-on head, pump head, or spray head.

Product Overview:

  • Child-resistant lotion pump, ideal for cannabis infused topical solutions
  • Specially designed topical pump bottle with a child-resistant cap
  • Available in 30 mL and 60 mL capacity formats
  • Patent pending
  • Sleek cap and bottle forms flush alignment for high-end aesthetic
  • Request a sample to test with your specific formulation and product viscosity

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Contact us to learn more:

Please specify the considerations above:

  1. Expected timeline for launch
  2. Quantity required
  3. Topical product format: lotion, balm, serum, bath bomb, etc.
  4. Any preference in product material based on your unique product formulation

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