Our innovations team has been focused on developing unique child-resistant package formats, specific for the vaporizer market.

Our newly expanded catalogue of child-resistant packaging formats lend a great number of solutions specific to vape pens, cart single and multi-pack options, using unique and varied materials including:

  • paper based solutions with plastic CR functions (all fully recyclable components)
  • sliding tin units
  • glass and plastic solutions for single packs

The selection includes a number of stock items and made-to-order solutions. We are also focused on a number of new ideas in development:

Vape Packaging Options

Standard Stock:
4-6 Week Leadtime
A Tube & Lug Cap, 20 mm opening, available in 3.5 and 5 inch lengths; readily available in white and black. Custom colours 8-12 weeks lead time.

B Press-In Cart Holder, available in opaque white and black

C Square Push-Top Tube, designed to fit the width of an excise stamp, and to take a full regulatory label, designed specific for the Canadian market with bilingual instructions.

F Crativ Original (shown) & Crativ Slim, readily available in white and black. Custom colours 8-12 weeks lead time.

Made to Order:
12 Week Leadtime
D Duallok paperboard child-resistant solution. Available in 2 sizes: 111 mm H x 55 mm W x 20 mm D / 203 mm H x 70 mm W x 25 mm D

E Sliding CR Tin, available with foam (as shown) or paper inserts, 3.25 x 2 inches

I Child-Resistant paper tube packaging with adjustable inner height and foam insert. Available in 1 in and 1.75” diameter tubes, in 2 product heights

Designs in Development
G Sliding CR Case

H Dual push button CR Case


We are constantly developing and sourcing new, unique child-resistant packaging solutions. Contact us to request your samples, pricing, or to engage in a custom proprietary solution.

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