Rest your profits on a superior design for speedy drying, identification, and cleanability.

Cannasupplies’ thoughtfully designed cannabis drying tray maximizes yield with better airflow and the reduction of contaminated product. Features such as barcode identification & Microban® infused antimicrobial protection make this perforated drying tray ideal for agribusiness processing.

Download our Instructions For Use and Cleaning Instructions here.

Increased air flow. Reduced contact.

The undulated surface of a Metro tray increases airflow, reduces surface contact to decrease drying time and reduce the chances of creating mold or fungus.

Quickly rotate and identify.

Cannasupplies’ method for efficiently rotating product allows for protection of delicate product as well as
complete rotation for superior drying.

Quickly identify if the trays have been rotated using indicator plaques which change from red to white for a seamless visual rotation process.




Clean & safe.

WavDri trays are designed to be machine washable in temperatures up to 211˚F. Trays are manufactured from food-safe polypropylene and are resistant to most cleaning agents including isoprobyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and bleach solutions. Contain Microban antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria.


Trays nest safely for storage. Pair with our dolly to store and transport efficiently and safely.






Works perfectly with our Wire Tray Rack.

Cannasupplies’ stainless steel end-load wire tray rack offers superior air flow, mobility, affordability, and corrosion resistance. Easily cleanable, this high density solution stands up to all environments within modern medicinal and recreational cannabis grow facilities. 3″ wire spacing allowing the density for processing large amounts of product while providing ample airflow for a consistent uniform dry time. Accommodates up to 20 standard 18″ x 26″ trays.


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