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Cannasupplies is a market-leading ancillary supplies and services company standing at the forefront of innovation within the Canadian cannabis industry.

Our offerings encompass: compliant packaging solutions, industrial supplies, marketing fulfillment services and global licensing & distribution activities. We are market leaders, trendsetters, and a driving force for the Cannabis Industry’s ancillary product and services spectrum. Our expertise in compliant child-resistant packaging, and wide product range make us an attractive single source supplier throughout the Canadian Cannabis landscape.

A wholly owned division of PharmaSystems Inc., we hold Quality Assurance at the highest regard for all of our product and service offerings. Our quality assurance team is committed to the highest industry standards for both internal operations and off-site manufacturing. We are ISO Certified – 13485:2003 CMDCAS, holding a Health Canada Medical Establishment License – Class I, Class II.

Child-Resistant Packaging Solutions

We offer a full catalogue of readily-available child-resistant packaging solutions, compliant for the Canadian cannabis industry:

Child-Resistant Packaging Solutions for Dried Flower

Dried Flower Packaging

Unique Child-Resistant Packaging Solutions for Single and Multi-Pack Formats for prerolls, vape, etc.

Single & Multi-Pack Solutions

Child-resistant packaging solutions for Cannabis Extracts

Extract Packaging

Child-Resistant Packaging Solutions for Cannabis Topicals

Topical Packaging

Child-Resistant Packaging Solutions for Edibles and Infused Beverages


The Lean Jar, a custom proprietary child-resistant package by PKG.

PKG, our custom development division, not only excels in child-resistant package design and manufacturing, but also best practices in the Canadian cannabis market.

Our designers take into account: packaging automation, product fill requirements, compliant labelling panels, and retail requirements to create a truly custom solution and a unique end-user experience.

Facility Supplies:

Cannasupplies offers an extensive array of facility supplies, including:

  • Storage and transport bins and carts for in-facility transport, tamper-evidence and locking solutions
  • Laboratory equipment including precision weighing, dispensing, and thermometry, as well as sterile cleaning solutions for USP <797> compliance
  • Protective apparel
  • Ergonomic solutions for workplace safety and best practices such as anti-fatigue matting

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