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Cannasupplies is Committed to Quality, Innovation, and Value:

✔ Leading Innovations in the Canadian Cannabis Industry since 2014

✔ Global Sourcing, Procurement and Contract Manufacturing

✔ Expert Demand Planning and Nation-Wide Distribution & Warehousing

✔ Ensuring a cost-effective streamlined end to end approach, bringing extraordinary value to licensed producers nationwide

Cannasupplies Compliant Packaging Solutions

Cannasupplies is a market-leading ancillary supplies and services company standing at the forefront of innovation within the Canadian cannabis industry.

Our manufacturing and distribution activities revolve around child-resistant packaging solutions in plastic, glass, tin, and paper-based componentry, providing compliant solutions for dried cannabis, cannabis extracts, concentrates, cannabis edibles and cannabis topicals.

Cannasupplies’ involvement in the Canadian cannabis industry is truly extensive, ranging from primary packaging and dosing accessories, to packaging and cultivation supplies.

The Market Leader

Our company’s extensive history and experience has positioned us as a trusted resource and valued supplier across multiple segments. Today we are servicing an ever-expanding array of Canadian licensed producers nationwide.

Cannasupplies is a wholly owned division of Consolidated Bottle, a Berlin Packaging company. Cannasupplies holds Quality Assurance at the highest regard for all product and service offerings. Our quality assurance team is committed to the highest industry standards for both internal operations and off-site manufacturing.

Compliant Child-Resistant Packaging Solutions

In-Stock Packaging Solutions for the Canadian Cannabis Industry:

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