Cannasupplies Provides Best-in-Class Packaging Solutions to Support the Cannabis Industry. 

Cannasupplies Cannabis packaging solutions 2023

Our mission is to deliver quality products, unparalleled service, and extensive market expertise that improves our customers’ net income.

Your Trusted Resource for Cannabis Packaging.

Cannasupplies is a leading supplier of best-in-class packaging solutions and value-added services for the cannabis industry.

We are a trusted resource within the rapidly expanding cannabis ecosystem, tracking the latest market insights, regulations, and product and packaging innovations to stay at the forefront of the industry.

We serve customers of all sizes with our vast catalogue of in-stock packaging components and a suite of value-added services, including sustainability strategies, custom design, local warehousing, logistics, inventory management, and more.

Cannasupplies is a division of Consolidated Bottle, a Berlin Packaging Company.

Our Solutions:

Dried Flower

Cannasupplies 30 dram glass jars with compatible CR closures for dried flower


Cannasupplies CR Sliding Tin - Lid and Base


Cannasupplies preroll or vape tube, lug closure. Smooth pictorial. In stock white tubes, in stock black tubes


Cannasupplies CanDab9 Packaging Solution for concentrated extracts


Canansupplies Oil bottle with 1 ML syringe and PIBA accessory


CR pouch in stock in black and white. Available now through Cannasupplies


CR Cant Top on Beverage Can


Cannasuplies CR Lotion Pump 50 mL capacity


Pre Rolled cones Tower


CRATIV Slim, plant based, natural, with RPET vape cartridge insert

Cannasupplies is Committed to Quality, Innovation, and Value.

✔ Cannabis Packaging Expertise

✔ Leading Innovations in the Canadian Cannabis Industry since 2014

✔ Global Sourcing, Procurement and Contract Manufacturing

✔ Expert Demand Planning and Nation-Wide Distribution & Warehousing

✔ Ensuring a cost-effective streamlined end to end approach, bringing extraordinary value to our customers

Cannasupplies Cannabis Packaging Solutions, New in 2023

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