Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Cannasupplies is committed to providing Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Solutions

Our account executives are experts in finding the best packaging solutions to meet your company’s requirements, taking into account: compliant child-resistant functionality, Health Canada approved documentation, food-grade materials, marketing goals, and operational restrictions. Our sustainable packaging solutions do not sacrifice quality or performance.

Sustainability Overview:

Recyclable Packaging

PET, HDPE, and PP are recyclable in community recycling streams. Recycled resin can then be reused for a variety of commercial applications – including new bottles and jars.

Although considered universally recyclable, please note municipal restrictions, ie: black plastic cannot be recycled in Toronto.

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100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

Packaging can be created from 100% recycled content, from post-consumer materials, such as PET water bottles and HDPE milk jugs:

  • These recycled materials maintain the quality and stability of PET and HDPE virgin plastic packaging
  • Safe for all uses, including food and beverage
  • Select packaging styles are available in 100% recycled materials – contact us to learn more
  • Gives a second life to existing plastics and keeps them out of landfills
  • Dark or opaque colors look best, as sometimes there can be slight visual imperfections when using recycled plastics; however dark plastics can only be recycled back into dark plastic packaging, where white/light colours stand a better chance of being recycled over and over again

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100% Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic

Our manufacturing facilities partner with certified companies that recycle plastic from rivers, which likely would have ended up in the ocean, to use in post-consumer recycled containers. This is known is reclaimed ocean-bound plastics, and is available in select styles of our child-resistant jars, oil bottles, and packer bottles.

Ocean-bound plastic is certified by OceanCycle and FDA-approved, offering full end-to-end traceability of the ocean-bound plastics.

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BioResins (Plant Based Plastics)

Bioresins such as plant-based PET or HDPE perform exactly the same as PET and HDPE from petrochemicals; Bioresins created from corn, hemp and starches do NOT have the same look and feel as PET and HDPE and cannot be recycled in the same stream.

While plant-based packaging is attractive, there are some limitations that may impact your product:

  • Some resins, such as PLS, are more brittle and porous, so they have trouble withstanding heat or liquid exposure
  • May only be reliable for a product with a short shelf life
  • Purging bioresins from production lines creates waste, so the process is not as sustainable

For this reason, plant-based packaging is not always recommended for packaging cannabis products. Post-consumer recycled material is generally the recommended alternative based on performance, quality and stability. 

Accelerated Degration

Cannasupplies is stocking child-resistant cases manufactured using a FDA approved biodegradability enhancing additive.

The accelerator additive helps naturally present enzymes in landfill environments to infiltrate the molecular structure of the material in order to break it down quickly. It does not depend on sunlight or oxygen to degrade. The product is currently undergoing ASTM D5511 landfill environment testing to report the biodegradation performance. Contact us to learn more.

This accelerator is not a microplastic causing oxo-degradable/oxo-biodegradable additive

Oxo-degradable/oxo-biodegradable (interchangeable term) additives depend on UV light to breakdown the molecular chains in plastics. Plastics with this additive would disintegrate on a shelf and thus in addition need to have a UV blocker additive added to them. When the UV blocker eventually wears off in sunlight, degradation begins, and continues so long as UV exposure is maintained. If one of those plastics is buried, the degradation process slows dramatically.

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Biodegradable Packaging

We are currently offering an all-paper child-resistant packaging solution that is biodegradable, recyclable, and made with post-consumer materials. This is a custom product, made-to-order. The minimum order quantity is 50,000 units. Contact our team to learn more.

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Explore our Compliant Packaging Solutions:

Recyclable Packaging

Cannasupplies Stock White Plastic Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis packaging made of universally recyclable materials including plastic, glass, tin, and paper

Recycled Materials

Cannasupplies Child Resistant Jar with custom Insert

Plastic jars and caps can be made-to-order in 25% up to 100% recycled resins. Product inserts made in 100% RPET

Accelerated Plastics

Cannasuppies Fluted Paper Insert

Stocking child-resistant cases manufactured using a FDA approved biodegradability enhancing additive

Cannasupplies is Committed to Quality, Innovation, and Value:

✔ Global Sourcing, Procurement and Contract Manufacturing

✔ Expert Demand Planning and Nation-Wide Distribution & Warehousing

✔ Leading Innovations in the Canadian Cannabis Industry since 2014

Cannasupplies is a market-leading ancillary supplies and services company standing at the forefront of innovation within the Canadian cannabis industry.

Our manufacturing and distribution activities revolve around child-resistant packaging solutions in plastic, glass, tin, and paper-based componentry, providing compliant solutions for dried cannabis, cannabis extracts, concentrates, cannabis edibles and cannabis topicals.
Cannasupplies’ involvement in the Canadian cannabis industry is truly extensive, ranging from primary packaging and dosing accessories, to packaging and cultivation supplies. Read More >

Frequently Asked Questions about Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Questions about Sustainable Packaging Solutions:

What packaging is in stock?

Cannasupplies stocks a variety of compliant cannabis packaging, generally white plastic. This is understood as universally recyclable.

What packaging can be made in recycled plastics?

Most of our stock child-resistant packaging solutions can be made-to-order in 25% up to 100% recycled resins, gathered and sent through a proprietary process to produce plastic resin pellets, giving a second life to plastic, and keeping it out of our landfills.

Depending on the packaging format, usage, and desired colour, our product experts can recommended the percentage of recycled resin to use to align with your goals.

Current offerings include:

  • Polypropylene: Caps, Jars, Bottles – made-to-order in 25-100% post-consumer recycled resins
  • PET: Jars, Bottles – made-to-order in 25-100% post-consumer recycled resins
  • PET: Inserts for prerolls, vape carts, or custom – made in 100% RPET: 50% post-consumer resin, and 50% post-industrial resin; RPET is our standard material offering for this type of packaging whether stock or custom design
  • HDPEJars, Bottles – made-to-order in 25-100% reclaimed ocean-bound plastics

What makes packaging sustainable?

Cannasupplies’ offers a variety of packaging solutions that can support your company’s sustainability goals; whether that be: less use materials, use of recycled goods, biodegradable or recyclable materials, or domestically sourced goods. Connect with our sales team to learn more.

Is sustainable packaging more expensive?

Pricing depends on the packaging type, material, and volume. Connect with our sales team to learn more and to request a quotation.

What are accelerated plastics?

Accelerated plastics include an additive that helps naturally present enzymes in landfill environments to infiltrate the molecular structure of the material in order to break them down quickly.

Beginning January 2021, Cannasupplies will be stocking the Crativ Slim and Original sizes manufactured using a new food-grade FDA approved biodegradability enhancing additive. An important difference compared to other solutions in industry is that CRATIV’s additive does not depend on sunlight or oxygen to degrade and thus is more dependable. CRATIV is pursuing industry recognized ASTM D5511 landfill environment testing. In about a year after participating in the ASTM D5511 testing, CRATIV will be able to report the biodegradation performance.

What biodegradable packaging is available?

Cannasupplies’ all-paper child-resistant boxes are biodegradable, recyclable and made with post-consumer waste.

Questions about Recycling:

Can black packaging be recycled?

Recyclability depends on municipal guidelines in your community recycling streams. For example, black packaging is not considered recyclable in Toronto. For this reason, it is recommended to recycle your cannabis packaging through in-store recycling programs.

Are bags better for the environment then jars?

This depends on the material structure of the bags; generally these are composed of a triple layer structure with mixed plastics, making this a recycle #7; best recycled through in-store recycling programs.

Cannabis jars and caps are generally made with universally recyclable materials such as PET, HDPE, and PP, which can be recycled through community recycling programs.

How can we help our customers recycle our products more?

Consumer education through brand platforms or in-store messaging (both online and in person) can help consumers understand where and how to recycle their empty cannabis packaging. Opting for universally recyclable materials takes the guess work out of the equation for consumers, as they can be recycled through municipal recycling programs. Unique or premium packaging can also influence reuse.

What’s the best thing a customer can do to properly recycle their product

Checking for a recycle symbol on plastic packaging can help understand if this is a universally recyclable packaging material.

Take advantage of in-store recycling programs when making your next purchase in store can help unsure that packaging will be properly sorted and recycled.

What are ways to reuse packaging?

Many child-resistant packages are designed for re-use at home. Durable packaging components such as plastic, glass, or tin can be reused again for home health products, home-made extracts or edibles, or home-grown dried flower.

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