Made-to-Order | 630,000 unit minimum

A Child Resistant Mechanism for Pre-Existing Cans

Simply snap this cap onto any #202 aluminum can to transform it into a Child-Resistant Container for cannabis infused beverages! This one-time use cap is made from a minimal amount of biodegradable material to keep your cost down, while providing lab tested, CPSC certified child-resistance safety. CAN’+ features a patent pending design that is both attractive and functional.

  • Unit Weight: 4.60 g
  • Height: 9.90 mm
  • Outside Diameter: 57.50 mm
  • Inside Diameter: 53.84 mm
  • Wall Thickness: 1.83 mm
  • Top Thickness: 1.50 mm

  • Made-to-order, minimum order quantity: 630,000 units
  • can be made in any custom colour

  • Outside Diameter: 53.5mm – 53.85mm
  • Application Force: 45 lbf – 65 lbf
  • Application Temperature: 105-110 deg F
  • Application Angle: 10°
  • Performance Acceptance: 97%
  • Performance Breakage: 99%

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In-Stock Solutions:

Cannasupplies is currently stocking the Cant top:
  • 202 size
  • Black
  • Made of PP
  • With the breakpoint at 7:00 (bottom view) / 5:00 (top view)
This information is current to February 2021 - contact us to learn more


  • The Can't Top can be in any custom PMS colour. The minimum order quantity is 500,000 units for a custom colour production run
  • Available with a bio-based natural fiber composite, minimum order quantity is 500,000 units