• Pre-Rolled cones from Futurola
  • Handcrafted pre-rolled cones
  • Burn slowly and evenly
  • Available in 5 sizes: 84 mm, 98 mm, 109 mm, 60 mm and 84 mm straight
  • Plain, unmarked filter
  • Available in White or Dutch brown paper

DescriptionSize CapacityColour
1-1/4 Size84/26mm±0.5gClassic White, Dutch Brown™, Blunt
1-1/4 Straight84/26mm±0.5-0.7g Classic White, Dutch Brown™
Slim Size98/26mm±0.7gClassic White, Dutch Brown™
King Size109/21mm±1.0gClassic White, Dutch Brown™
Mini Cone60/26mm±0.25-0.35gClassic White, Dutch Brown™
Reefer Size98/30mm±0.5gClassic White, Dutch Brown™
Fat Boy120/30mm ±2.0-3.0gClassic White, Dutch Brown™
Party Size140/26mm±1.5-2.0gClassic White, Dutch Brown™

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