• GL18 Child-Resistant Closure with Tamper-Evident Ring, and Integrated 1.5mm Dosing Plug
  • Amount dispensed is dependent on your specific oil formulation and viscosity
  • 1.5mm is Cannasupplies’ standard size plug. This can be customized for use with larger or smaller sizes; Item # C18D-15-W (1.5mm, white). See Dosing Sizes tab below to learn more

How it works:

  • Once closure is properly applied to the bottle, the tamper-evident ring engages, and integrated dosing plug remains inside the bottle
  • Child-resistant closure is removed using push-down and turn CRC mechanism, integrated plug remains in bottle, and tamper-evident ring breaks upon initial opening
  • 1.5mm dosing plug is ready for use


Orifice Reducer Solutions from Cannasupplies

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Dosing Size:

  • 1.5mm is Cannasupplies’ standard size plug
  • Additional dosing orifice sizes are available ranging from 0.5mm up to 3.0mm
Contact us to learn more, and request samples to test with your specific oil viscosity and formulation.


  • Stock is available in white
  • PET plastic bottle and oil cap can be made in any custom colour, minimum order quantity is 100,000 units
  • Glass bottle is currently available in Amber

GL18 PET Plastic Bottles:

  • 30mL GL18 PET bottles (in stock at Cannasupplies May 2021) Item # B3018PW (30 mL PET white)
  • 50 mL GL18 PET bottles Item # B5018PW (50 mL PET white)
These bottles are unique in that they include a tamper-evident bead, to accept a tamper-evident ring Available in Custom Colours

GL18 Amber Glass Bottles:

  • 30mL GL18 Glass Amber Bottles Item # B30GL18AG
  • 60mL GL18 Glass Amber Bottles Item # B60GL18AG

CR Integrated Dosing CapCR Integrated PIBA Cap, for use with SyringeSeparate Components: Oil cap & PIBA, for use with Syringe
Neck Size:GL18 Neck20mm Neck
Closure Style:Child-resistant Cap with Integrated Dosing Plug Item # C18D-15-W (1.5mm, white)Child-resistant Cap with Integrated PIBA (Press-In Bottle Adapter) Item # C18P-W (5mm, white)Child-Resistant Closure Item # C20FPE4 (white)
Plastic Bottle Options:GL18 Neck PET Plastic 30mL and 50mL (item #B3018PW/B5018PW)20mm PET Bullet Round Bottles – 1oz and 2oz (item # B120PBL6 / B220PBL6)20mm PET Boston Round Bottles – 1oz, 1.5oz and 2 oz Bottles (item # B120PBL6 / B1520P1 / B220P6)
Glass Bottle Options:GL18 Neck Glass Amber 30mL and 60mL (item # B30GL18AG/B60GL18AG)20mm Glass Bottles, 1oz amber or decorated matte white (item # BTL001 / B120GW)
Additional Components to Complete Solution:-Syringe (0.5mL or 1mL)20mm PIBA (press-in bottle adapter)
Syringe (0.5mL or 1mL)