• Classic round packers, with straight-sided walls and wide necks
  • Packer bottles with compatible child-resistant closures are an ideal packaging solution for cannabis capsules and softgels
  • Can also be used for small quantities of dried flower, small-format edibles, and even topical applications
  • Traditionally used for packaging pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and nutritional supplements in tablet or capsule form
  • Size range available from 30cc – 950 cc, with neck sizes from 33-53mm
  • Available in HDPE and PET bottles
  • Compatible closures are made in PP, and can include foam liners, induction liners, or two layer lift ‘n peel liners
  • Stock available in white; can be made in any custom colour

Speak with our product experts for size recommendations based on compliant labelling panels and product fill requirements.

Solutions available in:

  • Standard PET and HDPE
  • 100% Recycled PET and HDPE: both post-consumer resin and reclaimed ocean-bound plastics

Available Sizes:

Capacity Neck Size Item #  for PET Item # for HDPE
30cc 30mm B30CC33H1
40cc 28mm B40CC28H1
40cc 38mm B40CC33H1
50cc 33mm B50CC33H1
60cc 33mm B60CC33PW1 B60CC33HW1
75cc 33mm B75CC33H1
75cc 38mm B75CC38P1 B75CC38H1
100cc 38 B100CC38HW1 (PH) or B100CC38WH1
120cc 38 B120CC38P1 B120CC38H1 or B120CC38HW1
150cc 38mm B150CC38P1 B150CC38H1 or B150CC38HW1
175cc 38mm B175CC38H1
210cc 38mm B210CC38H1

*Contact us to learn more about compatible CRC closures and liner options

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