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Cannasupplies is a proud preferred Canadian distributor of the CRATIV product line

Slim: 3.88" L x 2.74" W x 0.63" Deep.

Deep, "Original": 3.88" L x 2.74" W x 0.95" Deep

  • Manufactured with a certified USDA bio-based resin: a proprietary blend of biopolymers, polymers, and biobased performance enhancing fillers
  • All CRATIV products made with PB (plant-based) material have the #7 Symbol, in addition to the USDA certification symbol

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CRATIV packaging ships in an open position, meaning efficient product filling.

Contact us to learn about our insert options for prerolls, vape carts, and more, or design your own custom insert for your unique product.

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Production Stock Item and Minimum Quantities:

DescriptionSizeColourMaterialMinimum Order QuantityItem #
Crativ Original, AcceleratorDeepWhite PP, Accelerator312 units (1 Case)PRCASEW1-BA
Crativ Original, AcceleratorDeepBlack PP, Accelerator312 units (1 Case)PRCASEB1-BA
Crativ Slim, AcceleratorSlimWhite PP, Accelerator456 units (1 Case)PRCASEWS1-BA
Crativ Slim, AcceleratorSlimBlack PP, Accelerator456 units (1 Case)PRCASEBS1-BA
Crativ Original, Plant BasedDeepNatural Plant Based9,360 units (1 pallet)PRCASEO-PB2-N
Craitv Original, Plant BasedDeepWhite Plant Based 9,360 units (1 pallet)PRCASEO-PB2-W
Crativ Original, Plant BasedDeepBlack Plant Based 9,360 units (1 pallet)PRCASEO-PB2-B
Crativ Slim, Plant BasedSlimNatural Plant Based 13,680 units (1 pallet)PRCASES-PB2-N
Crativ Slim, Plant BasedSlimWhite Plant Based 13,680 units (1 pallet)PRCASES-PB2-W
Craitv Slim, Plant BasedSlimBlack Plant Based 13,680 units (1 pallet)PRCASES-PB2-B

Minimum order quantity for custom colour: 100,000 units

The CRATIV product line can be made-to-order in any custom colour. Please contact us to begin colour matching. Custom colour projects are subject to production lead times.

Cannasupplies is proud to offer the CRATIV Accelerator Product Line

Cannasupplies is stocking the Crativ Slim and Original sizes manufactured using a food-grade FDA approved biodegradability enhancing additive. The accelerator additive helps naturally present enzymes in landfill environments to infiltrate the molecular structure of the material in order to break it down quickly. An important difference compared to other solutions in industry is that CRATIV’s additive does not depend on sunlight or oxygen to degrade and thus is more dependable. CRATIV is pursuing industry recognized ASTM D5511 landfill environment testing. In about a year after participating in the ASTM D5511 testing, CRATIV will be able to report the biodegradation performance.
This accelerator is not a microplastic causing oxo-degradable/oxo-biodegradable additive
Oxo-degradable/oxo-biodegradable (interchangeable term) additives depend on UV light to breakdown the molecular chains in plastics. Plastics with this additive would disintegrate on a shelf and thus in addition need to have a UV blocker additive added to them. When the UV blocker eventually wears off in sunlight, degradation begins, and continues so long as UV exposure is maintained. If one of those plastics is buried, the degradation process slows dramatically.
Crativ Packaging - New Accelerator Overview

New plant based packaging that is USDA-Bio Preferred certified. Plant Based packaging is available October 2021

CRATIV PB is a versatile child-resistant packaging solution, made with a certified USDA bio-based resin material. The resin is a proprietary blend of biopolymers, polymers, and biobased performance enhancing fillers. Utilizing renewable, bio-based materials displaces the need for petroleum-based materials, thus playing an increasingly important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Both the CRATIV Original (deep) and slim sizes are available made with plant-based materials

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Inserts available in RPET, Foam, or Fluted Paper

Select from our most popular styles, or contact us for an entirely customized solution:

We will work with you to determine:
  • desired cavity size/shape
  • product count
  • barrier property requirements (oxygen and/or moisture)

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Tamper-Evident Solutions

Tamper-evident stickers, tape or shrink wrap is available for both the Original and Slim case sizes.

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