The Peel & Reseal Child-Resistant Pack is Exclusively available from Cannasupplies

  • Pocket-friendly child-resistant paper pack, ideal for use on-the-go
  • Durable plastic inner tray forms child-resistant mechanism: gently squeeze tabs and base
  • Peel & ReSeal film provides moisture and oxygen barriers. Adhesive film can be resealed
  • Dedicated equipment for film application, at no additional cost

Cannasupplies will be in-stock in all white components Q4 2021

  • Cannasupplies will be stocking white sleeves, white single cavity trays, compatible clear film and applicable sealing equipment Q4 2021. In-stock solutions are available to ship same day / next day
  • For custom sleeve production, lead time is approximately 16-20 weeks. Contact us for a quote on specified quantities and details

The Peel & ReSeal Pack is comprised of the following components:

  1. Paper Sleeve (420 units per case)
  2. Plastic Insert (1,200 units per case)
  3. Peel & ReSeal Film (2,100 units per roll)
  4. Dedicated Application Equipment

Components are packaged in separate master cases to facilitate efficient packaging fulfillment.

The paper sleeves are pre-formed and glued on one end, no additional gluing or assembly is required to the paper packs.

  • Available in plain white
  • Made-to-order with any custom print

  • Available in all white, open cavity design (as shown)
  • Made-to-order in any cavity size/configuration. Can be made in clear or black as well

Inner tray forms the CR mechanism: squeeze and slide

  • Available in clear PET
  • Film adheres to plastic tray using dedicated equipment
  • Film can be resealed to plastic tray a finite number of times (determined by sealing specifications)
  • MVTR and OTR values currently in testing
  • Made-to-order in white paper film or aluminum film. Pre-printing available

  • Rental provided by Cannasupplies at no additional cost (minimum order quantity of 50,000 units required)
  • Daily output of >2,000 sealed blisters per 8 hour shift
  • One standard roll of stickers is 2,100 pieces
  • Single operator setup
  • Full seal on each blister ensures continued product freshness for a variety of product formats
  • Sealed blisters are also compatible with Cannasupplies CR tins, and multiple blister options (custom jig may be required)

  • Standard US 120V, NEMA 5-15 socket
  • 3 Amp, 300 Watt, 60 Hz, Single phase power
  • Air compressor required. 50 PSI, 3 CFM, with a standard
  • 1/4" IM connector
  • Machine size approx. 75cm x 50cm x 75cm (LxWxH)

Installation typically takes less than 1 hour. A product engineer is available on video call to help support proper install.

For any operational support, a ticket will be reviewed and acknowledged within 24 hours, and support will be scheduled within 1 business week.

  • 1 x Reseal film applicator machine
  • 1 x Roll of custom reseal stickers (2,100 pcs)
  • 1 x Maintenance toolkit
  • 2m air hose

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