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Secondary packaging is often essential for certain cannabis product categories. This is generally attributed to the size of the primary package, plus the addition of the provincial barcode requirements and the Excise Tax stamp. This can add a layer of operational challenges to an already challenging product format: much of the required labelling is “dynamic” and cannot be added to the carton until the time of actual packaging.

The team at Cannasupplies are experts in creating operational efficiencies, and can help reduce the challenges around labelling both primary and secondary packaging. Based on the product format, and your company’s unique packaging capabilities or restrictions, we can advise on solutions to meet your demands, while creating efficiencies.

Secondary packaging for cannabis product is often recommended given the following considerations:

  • If the primary packaging cannot fit all required provincial elements (barcodes)
  • If the primary package is not wide enough to include an excise tax stamp
  • If the product comes with a dosing accessory, such as an extract with a syringe, orifice reducer, or additional dropper (ask us about our dosing accessories, or learn more here)

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Cannasupplies produces secondary packaging for cannabis products. We have a diverse catalogue of secondary packaging readily available to fit the majority of our stock packaging.

Any carton from our stock library is available within 4 weeks from confirmation of artwork. Our team of design engineers can create a custom carton solution with unique dielines to adhere to your brand guidelines, retail footprint, or automation requirements.

Cannasupplies has a variety of Dielines readily available for custom carton production, including:

  • Oil Bottles, with separate compartment for dosing accessory
  • Dried flower jars: 2oz, 30 dram, 3oz, 40 dram, 4oz, 6oz, 8oz
  • Dried flower: multi-pack
  • PreRoll tubes: pop top, 3.5" tube, 5" tube, 3-5 pack multi's for tubes
  • Round packer bottles
  • Spray bottles
Contact us to review a structural sample.

When selecting secondary packaging, consider:

  • Stock weight: recommendations can be made based on the product size and weight
  • Finishing: gloss, matte, or soft-touch coating
  • Blank white, single-sided printed, or with a secondary colour printed on the inside
  • Printing a single flood colour, or fully printing all static product information
  • Bottom locking - auto-locking for manual/semi-automated packaging, or will glue be applied on an automated line