How much Bud will fit in a Jar?

Here is a general idea of how much dried flower will fit in a jar:

BudJar Capacity
1 gram 13-16 dram2 oz 
3.5 grams30 dram4 oz
5-7 grams40 dram6 oz
10 grams60 dram6-8 oz
14 grams9 oz
28 grams19 oz


Our catalogue outlines an approximate fit based on standard offerings in the adult-use and medical markets. This estimation will vary based on bud size, density, moisture levels, etc. Request a packaging sample to perform a proper fit test at your facility to secure packaging that best aligns with your product. 


Cannasupplies PET Jars for Dried Flower Packaging
Cannasupplies PET Jars for Dried Flower Packaging

When selecting jars to create a product line, our team of product experts can make recommendations to create efficiencies from both a procurement and production standpoint, while creating a strong brand presence.

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