• Jars with compatible child-resistant closures are the ideal vessel for packaging and storing dried flower
  • Polyethylene Terethalate (PET) available in opaque or translucent finishes
  • Standard, straight-walled design creates a flush silhouette with any of Cannasupplies’ standard child-resistant closures
  • Compatible Child Resistant Closures range from 38mm to 89mm openings, comprised of two-piece construction: Polypropylene outer cap and Co-Poly inner threading with either a pictorial or text based top
  • Stocked in white and black; available in any custom colour

Child-Resistant Plastic Jars are ideal packaging solutions for:

  • Dried Cannabis with solutions for 1 gram up to 30 grams
  • Cannabis Edibles such as: gummies, cookies, brownies, mints, teas
  • Cannabis Topicals Double shell designs with smooth interiors are an ideal solution for topical creams and balms

Stock Sizes

  • Our core sizes are generally in stock in white or black PET
  • Contact us to learn more about about product availability and pricing
Item # Capacity Neck Size Compatible Closure Style Flush fit to cap Case Quantity Average Lead Time
J3053PE 30 Dram 53 mm Ribbed, Domed  ✓ 600 10-12 weeks
J4053PE 40 Dram 53 mm Ribbed, Domed 600 10-12 weeks
J670PF1 6 oz 70 mm Ribbed 420 12-16 weeks
J870PF1 8 oz 70 mm Ribbed 280 12-16 weeks
J1989P1 19 oz 89 mm Ribbed 143 12-16 weeks
In addition to our in-stock solutions, we also are proud to offer the following sizes. Please contact us for product availability and lead times.
Estimated Dried Flower Fit Capacity  Closure Size
1 gram 1 oz 53 mm
3.5 grams 30 dram 53 mm
3.5 grams 2 oz, 63 mm
5 grams 3 oz 63 mm
5 grams 4 oz 70 mm
7 grams 40 dram 53 mm
7 grams 6 oz 63mm, 70 mm
10 grams 60 dram 53 mm
10 grams 8 oz 70 mm
15 grams 12 oz 89 mm
Freshness & Liners: Compatible child-resistant closures are available in a variety of liners for freshness and to provide tamper evidence:
  • Freshness foam - remains under the cap
  • Heat induction liner - plain foil liner seals product and provides tamper-evidence, can be combined with the freshness foam under cap
  • Lift N Peel liner - industry standard for heat induction liner, provides tamper evidence and can be combined with the freshness foam under the cap
Closure Styles: Standard child-resistant closures are available with ribbed edges to assist users who struggle with manual dexterity. Includes embossed pictorial graphic to demonstrate opening. Additional styles are available in select sizes:
  • Smooth sided closures, flat top
  • Smooth sided closures, domed lids
53mm Closure Options
  • Available in up to 100% PCR PET (Post Consumer Resins)
  • PET is a universally recyclable material