• Glass jars available in a variety of sizes
  • Ideal for premium dried flower packaging, concentrates, topicals, and edibles
  • Available in both straight-walled and rounded-bottom designs
  • Clear glass can be decorated in any custom colour, in opaque or translucent finishes
  • Compatible child-resistant closures are available in: standard ribbed, smooth sided, and domed
  • Customization available – contact us for details

Child-Resistant Jars are ideal packaging solutions for:

  • Dried Cannabis with solutions for 1 gram up to 30 grams
  • Cannabis Seeds & Softgels utilizing a double shell design with a shallow platform to properly house the product, while maintaining an outer labeling panel to fit a compliant label
  • Cannabis Edibles such as: gummies, cookies, brownies, mints, teas
  • Cannabis Topicals Double shell designs with smooth interiors are an ideal solution for topical creams and balms

Most Requested Sizes Include:

Capacity Neck Finish CR Clear Item # White Item # Black #
5mL 28mm X J528GCE J528GWE J528GBE

J528GBSE (Black with inner silver)

7mL 38mm J738GCE
9 mL 38mm X J938GCE
9mL 38mm X J938GCRE (Round Base)

J938GCE-P (Straight base)

J938GOE (opal, white)

J938GMWE (matte, white)

J938GFWE-P (frosted, white)

J938GBSE (black UV glass, inner silver)
15 mL 53mm X J1553CGE J1553WGE J1553BGE
30 dram 53mm X  

J3053GCSE (straight base)

J3053GCHRE (heavy round base)

J3053GWSE (straight sided)


J3053GHWRE (heavy round base)

J3053PGBSE (straight sided)

J3053GBSE (straight base)

J3053GHBRE (heavy round base)

40 dram 53mm X J4053GHCRE (Heavy base)

J4053GCSE (straight base)

*Ask us about compatible CRC closures and liner options

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Freshness & Liners: Compatible child-resistant closures are available in a variety of liners for freshness and to provide tamper evidence:
  • Freshness foam - remains under the cap
  • Heat induction liner - plain foil liner seals product and provides tamper-evidence, can be combined with the freshness foam under cap
  • Lift N Peel liner - industry standard for heat induction liner, provides tamper evidence and can be combined with the freshness foam under the cap
Closure Styles: Standard child-resistant closures are available with ribbed edges to assist users who struggle with manual dexterity. Includes embossed pictorial graphic to demonstrate opening. Additional styles are available in the 53 mm size:
  • Smooth sided closures, flat top
  • Smooth sided closures, domed lids53mm Closure Options

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