The Lean Jar - Winner of the 2019 AdCann Awards

On 4-20, Cannasupplies unveiled The Lean Jara custom proprietary design, and Turned the Cannabis Industry on its Side

A green glass jar, with a leaning side, and custom beveled child-resistant lid was considered revolutionary upon launch in the Canadian Cannabis market.  It launched at a time when dried flower was almost exclusively packaged in plastic, offering a truly premium packaging option. The thoughtful design and truly unique form and function really turned heads, and drove the conversation about what compliant child-resistant packaging can look like.

The goal of this project was to develop a truly innovative, sustainable packaging solution to reflect and embody the company’s missions statement and values. Designed completely for reuse, the visually compelling jar is equal parts functional, as it transforms into an ideal display and storage vessel for dried flower collections. The beveled cap designed to aid in torquing for consumers who struggle with manual dexterity, is extremely memorable.

Today, Adcann the online resource for Cannabis Marketing unveiled the 2019 winners for their annual awards. We’re so excited to share that The Green Organic Dutchman has won for Best Packaging Design.



AdCann Best Packaging Design
AdCann Best Packaging Design


Cannasupplies (a division of PharmaSystems) designed and produced this jar specifically for this licensed producer. Our custom design division PKG. focuses on redefining child-resistant form and function, by creating completely innovative solutions compliant for the Canadian cannabis industry. Want to see what we’re working on next? Contact us to book a meeting.